New Vaping Regulation Coming

Thank you again Brent Stafford for a great article! It is sad how they look at appearance and jump to conclusions like vaping will renormalize smoking in society. But do not realize that smoking was put under attack because of proof that it was a threat to human health and they refuse to accept that vaping has no proof of harm to the user or the bystander, so who cares if it appears or looks like smoking?! They say things like we do not know long term effects but vaping has been around since 2003 over a decade and how long do they run drug trials before putting them out in the market? No the truth of the matter is they do know all we know about vaping and probably more. But it comes down to the fact that vaping could and would eliminate smoking within the next two decades if left as is on the free market but they are not recouping the tax dollars that are being lost as smokers switch to vaping. So the real agenda is to control the market without just cause so they can tax the crap out of a consumer created product that is saving lives and recoup lost taxes from the decline in smoking. They also cry think of the youth but in reality it is far better for youth to experiment with vaping than tobacco and to limit access of youth will cause them to pickup smoking become addicted and then be in the same boat we were all in when we started to vape, trying to break our tobacco addiction. Sugar is addictive and creates many health problems but we do not see 18+ on the candy store door but they also do not receive 70% tax off sugar laced products so they do not care and say it is up to the parent to regulate the children! Yes sadly this industry effects a corrupt system of taxes, NRT products and tobacco products that in reality are worth trillions of dollars on a global scale and they are not about to allow the consumer/free market to have control of that kind of wealth without the governments, pharmaceutical and tobacco industry getting a very big slice of the pie or just taking total control by over regulation and crushing the free market vendors!

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