Food for thought!

I think this needs to be said, I hope the vape community is listening and please read all of this. They are not taking vaping away with FDA regulations and sadly Canada will follow big brother here due to the loss of revenues and that is what the governments are concerned about saving here lost revenues. We will lose our new enjoyable refillable tanks, drippers, bottled juices, mods…etc., because they are not seeing vaping as an alternative to smoking but just as a stop smoking tool and we fuel that by strong agreement. Yes it is a great stop smoking tool but many of us have no desire to stop vaping and have progressed to better and newer technology that produce more flavour and yes more cloud. Since our government only sees the health benefits of vaping and not the alternative mind set of the new vaping community they are willing to sacrifice our new enjoyable technology and only offer to the smoker what we all started on the “ecigarette” which now big tobacco has a good foot hold in that industry and they are more effective to get smokers off the stinkies(cigarettes). So by passing these laws it will crush the free market industry so big tobacco can sell their ecigarettes anywhere cigarettes are sold and they can tax these ecigarette accordingly to recoup funds being lost from lower cigarette sales and health professionals will accept this since ecigarettes will be available to the smokers and doctors will hand out ecigarettes to smoker like condoms to hookers. So you can see we are playing right into their agenda by not fighting for our right to use vaping as a “smoking alternative” and not just a stop smoking tool!

One thought on “Food for thought!

  1. I never thought of the smoking alternative option. As for the smoking replacement, I think we’d be setting ourselves up for regulation as a medical device, again. Not sure if they can even try that route, again, as it was ruled against in court. Thanks!


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