Strange how now that TPD is pasted…that the RCP suddenly speak out

Strange how now that TPD is pasted and coming into effect that the RCP suddenly speak out or is it so suddenly or more timely! The TPD is going to destroy most small vaping industry in the EU, but don’t fear for Big T and Pharma are ready to pick up the void with their E-cig products with the support of RCP now as well. I think we will start to see more reports as the two Corporate Giants take the industry over and as they wanted back in 2013 medicines regulation will follow just to make sure they have thoroughly crushed the free market! Yes I fear all part of the agenda to take control and make all the money, civil disobedience by us all looks like our only hope, negotiations have failed but no one wants to believe that but it is the truth sadly. Cigarettes are a choice of a pleasurable pass time of peoples personal preference but highly addictive, anyone who says just quit has no understanding of addiction and does not realize that what works for some does not work for everyone. Vaping was created by a smoker looking for a better way or healthier way to receive his nicotine to supress his craving addiction since all conventional products were not working for him and then he decided to market and share his creation. This all done by a smoker and at no cost to the tax payer or any other government fund. His creation was not original and had been sitting around for anyone to find since the 1960’s when Herbert Spence I believe was his name created and patented the first vapour E-cig. The only real difference Hon Lik made was he added nicotine to the liquid to reduce cravings and brought it back at the right time in society. Yes E-cigs are a choice and an alternative to traditional cigarettes that work very well for many smokers and they are easily making the switch away from HARMFUL tobacco products to a product that shows NO HARMFUL EFFECTS TO DATE IN OVER A DECADE ON A GLOBAL SCALE but is costing the corporate giants and our governments money in taxes and profits as people do make the switch and now they want to steal this technology for themselves and add taxes and inflate prices! Yes I said steal through corrupt politics and over regulation of an industry they did nothing to create, truly criminal!!! Tobacco was taxed due to proof of harm to health, but vaping proves to be HARMLESS so why should we have to pay for making the healthier switch, it is not our fault that a common smoker found the answer to the tobacco problem and it is not our fault that the greed of our governments use tobacco taxes to budget their spending!!! We have made a healthier choice and I say NO TAXATION OR REGULATION WITHOUT PROOF OF HARM!!!!!

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