Prediction of where the Vaping Industry is Going!

This was written back in 2013 in the agenda for the EU and has it changed?

2.The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced in 2013 that, from 2016, electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-containing products would be subject to medicines regulation, thus requiring manufacture to medicinal purity and delivery standards, and proactive controls on advertising. In addition, the European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) will, from mid-2016 at the latest, prohibit most advertising of unlicensed nicotine devices and require products to carry health warnings, meet as yet undefined purity and emissions standards, require data on nicotine uptake, limit nicotine content, and require suppliers to take full responsibility for quality and safety when used ‘under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions’.

My prediction is that countries around the globe will start to embrace medical regulations for ecigs and vapers will be foolish enough to think this is a good thing and a step in their favor. But in reality it will give big corporation control of the industry and crush 99% of the vaping market as we now know it since the little guys will not be able to afford the costly and unnecessary testing required for their products to meet medical regulation. Pharma and big Tobacco will quickly step in to fill the dying market with their cig-a-like products and the governments will tell vapers and vendors these are what you can sell and band 99.9% of the existing vape gear as unregulated and illegal. The cig-a-like products will be sold much like tobacco products and also taxed accordingly making government, pharma and big tobacco happy as they take this market over, medical professionals will embrace these products since they are a far more effective stop smoking aid and doctors will be writing perscriptions for cig-a-likes and handing out cig-a-like samples to smokers much like they do with condoms in many clinics. As a vaper I look at the reality of this and they have fought so hard to make people hate vapers as they do smokers and it has worked in the public eye, we enjoy vaping but that does not matter to anyone but ourselves, to them (government, pharma and Big Tobacco) is the money they are loosing and the wealth they can gain from this market once they control it!!! All the arguments are a smear campaign to win the public eye and favor over to their side and make their control agenda seem necessary but in reality there are no just cause since vaping has no ill health effects proven to date!!!!!


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