Journeys rough road

The Former Winston Man

Winston Ads-1Not exactly sure why people who smoke or vape are so hated. ( I certainly have my opinions which involves greed and power).  I am really concerned for the smokers who have been constantly thrown under the bus and discriminated against who for the most part, many  have complied with the new laws of the land to quit smoking the “vile, toxic and forbidden weed”( ANTZ words, not mine)  that remains a legal, extremely profitable product for not only Tobacco Companies but each and every State and the Federal Government that benefits from the sale of the STILL legal overpriced and highly taxed product.  Millions of Smokers became e-cig users and Vapers all by themselves when THEY made a choice to transition to a product that by all accounts is at least 95% safer than traditional combustible tobacco.   There are numerous studies and research papers, peer reviewed and replicable on all fronts for the…

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