Medical Organizations supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes


*****Doctor, why did you sign the MOVE statement?

There are several reasons why I signed, but among them are these two:
I resent the tortuous manipulations that are being applied to electronic cigarettes for purely financial reasons, and without the provision of any serious scientific study as a basis for the attacks and false information being used to confuse the public.
I am totally convinced that the vaporiser is not only an alternative to smoking, but is currently the most effective method for people to stop smoking permanently.

*****So, do you think that encouragement of the correct use of eCigs could be a definitive solution to the problem of smoking?

For now, and until we have something that exceeds eCigs in terms of effectiveness, I have no doubt. This is why eCigs are being overwhelmingly attacked – tobacco taxes are, for governments, a strong argument in…

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