Bill 45 Amendments Ignored

Well here it is again proving that this fight is futile and lost before it was ever begun. Even with all our science and medical professionals the government we elected to be of public service in the publics best interest follows the money. They are ignoring our proof and opposing cabinet ministers and without any grounds or science are going to steal this gift from the public market with bullshit regulations and deaf ears!

When do we stop riding this spiraling degradation of our rights and stand up against this corruption of our so called system of choice. When do we finally stand up and remind our government they are elected officials to serve in the best interest of the public and not be puppets to the world bank. Yes more and more I believe Iceland made the wise choice!!!

Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media

New Email to me from Randy Hillier this morning, does not look good frown emoticon

Greg —

We’ve put up a valiant fight to keep vaporizers available and accessible to those who have found them to be an effective tool to kick their smoking addiction.

Yesterday I received the proposed Government amendments to Bill 45. Although I was hopeful this would include greater availability and accessibility for those who sell or use vaporizers, I was very disappointed when no such amendments from the Government were included.

Next week I will present the PC amendments and argue them strenuously and forcefully on Monday in Committee. However, it is important to remember the Liberals have a majority and it is rare for an opposition amendment to be passed in a majority Liberal Government.

Over the course of the public consultations, we were presented with overwhelming scientific evidence, sound arguments and compelling personal testimonials from professionals, academics and lay people. What astonishes me is it appears to have had absolutely no impact or effect on the Liberal members. It is truly a sorry indictment of how dysfunctional our democracy in Ontario has become.

However, all is not lost. We can still make a difference at the Third Reading and regulatory stages of Bill 45. I strongly encourage you, your friends and your families to email the following Minister with your expectations and requests. In addition, please use your social media accounts and let people know what you think.

Premier Kathleen Wynne
Ph: 416-325-1941
Twitter: @Kathleen_Wynne
Minister Eric Hoskins
Ph: 416-327-4300
Twitter: @DrEricHoskins

Associate Minister of Health Dipika Damerla
Ph: 416-327-4300
Twitter: @DipikaDamerla

Thank you,

Randy Hillier

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