Bill 45 join the FIGHT!

Another response email for sending in my story to fight against Bill 45 in ON, remember vapers if Ontario passes this most provinces will follow their lead so if you have not sent in your story or signed Randy Hilliers petition PLEASE do so now

Good morning,

Thank you for your written submission regarding Bill 45, An Act to enhance public health by enacting the Healthy Menu Choices Act, 2014 and the Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2014 and by amending the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Our office will distribute your written submission to the Standing Committee on General Government.


Marie Lee (tel. 416-325-7352;

On behalf of Trish Sarnicki
Procedural Services Assistant, Committees

Assistant to Sylwia Przezdziecki, Clerk of the Standing Committee on General Government

Legislative Assembly of Ontario | Procedural Services Branch

Room 1405 Whitney Block | 99 Wellesley Street West | M7A 1A2
P) 416-325-3515 | F) 416-325-3505 | I/C 036 |

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