Is this for REAL!

I do not know what happened here, but really it looks like a Schwarzenegger movie! Was this force needed or does this look excessive to you?

Actually I think this is a horrible article; all it does is fill the reader with speculation, but it is news and all we can do is wait to see what is really going on here. What I dislike is it does make Vape Shops and vaping look bad and we do not need any bad press right now!

I email Bill Godshall and this was his response;

I haven’t seen that before.

But I saw that lots of drug paraphernalia stores across the US
were raided this past week (but don’t know if DHS did those raids)
for selling recently banned designer drugs (aka bath salts).

The reality is that most drug paraphernalia stores also now call
themselves vape shops (as sales of THC/pot vaporizers has also

Since its illegal in US to market illegal drug paraphernalia
(and since Tommy Chong went to prison for selling bongs),
much drug paraphernalia is labeled and/or marketed as
“intended for tobacco use” (including THC/pot vaporizers).


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