Lack of Knowledge will Hurt us Most!

This morning I found this post on one of the regular pro-vaping groups I am a member of and immediately seen the fault behind this post and video. I am not saying that this fellow who made the video is a friend or foe but his message is damaging to vaping and ejuice industry as it now exists and only raises question in the minds of vapers. It is lack of knowledge that will hurt us most and if Government, Big Tobacco and Pharma can get us questioning the safety of the existing industry do to statements like this that are untrue, it paves the way for government regulation (Medical) to come in and save us from ourselves.

I disagree most every eliquid has color they look gold, yellow, red, brown, blue not clear unless you are vaping Omg VG, I add no coloring but the color comes with steeping and yes juice will even tint brownish golden from nicotine once exposed to air and light. Sounds like another ploy to distract vapers and raise questions about ejuice so they can step in to regulate as medical and have us back on cigalikes!

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