So what do you do….? Robert Innes

Robert Innes

“Imagine for a moment that one day, after a lengthy differential-diagnostic process had come to an end, your doctor looks at you, somewhat sad, and tells you that her fears have been proven correct, and that you have contracted a lethal illness which is bound to kill you after a one to two year period of time. She explains further that at this stage no life-saving medications are available, and all that you could do is to either wait for your certain death, or to join one of a number of clinical trials designed to test potentially life-saving medications. You realize that access to such an experimental agent is a better deal than doing nothing, because in the event of the agent failing, the outcome is still the same as it was before you joined the trial, you are going to die within a short period of time. – What would you do? Many people with catastrophic illness decide to join such clinical trials.”

Now imagine for a moment that after many studies and lengthy investigation; over half a century of investigation, your doctor looks at you, somewhat sad, and tells you that a lifestyle choice that you are following has a fifty percent chance of causing illness, unnecessary suffering, and premature death. She can only offer you counselling, and a choice of aids which you have already tried many times before and have only got a miniscule chance of succeeding. She does not mention that there is another option because although she knows this other option is 95% – 99% safer than your, ‘lifestyle choice,’ she does not know if they are ‘safe:’ She does not know – correction – she has not bothered to find out what is in them.

So what do you do….?

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