2 thoughts on “The Future of Vaping Video

  1. Quote: ” It Sucks”! Thanks for the heads up and the reminder of who makes them for the tax collectors nearest you.

    ” You should fight for your very lives. It is absolutely irresponsible and dangerous behavior to ban e-cigarettes ”

    Dr. K Farsalinos – on personal vaporizers

    ” We the people; that’s us, know the truth and must stand against any and all that would deny us such truths “. If we fail to do so we also fail future generations who will suffer the consequences of our lack of care, compassion and concern for their own futures. Wake up people because in the end….it is about the children …… our own.

    Vape Safe. Vape Proud!


    1. It is proven that our children are going to experiment and by restricting them from vaping products that do not contain nicotine (0mg Ejuice) will leave them to experiment with tobacco instead, get addicted to tobacco and then in 4 or 5 years when they turn of age they will be faced with the same thing we all had tobacco addiction and be faced with the same struggle to quit as all of us. Age restriction could pose a greater negative than a positive, there is no proof to date that vaping is harmful in anyway, over a decade and not one documented case of vaping causing lung disease or cancer and no evidence that vaping is harmful to the vaper or the public around them, with or without nicotine. Tobacco taxes and regulations were put in place due to proof of harm, where is the proof of harm from vaping? Why are they fighting to age restrict because they know the youth will turn to tobacco and slow the revenue lost from people quitting tobacco but if they leave vaping unrestricted youth may turn to it instead of tobacco and that will hurt their pocketbooks even more. This battle against vaping is so full of B*ll Sh*t it is all about taxes and money, I demand to see PROOF of HARM to justify the regulation, VAPING IS NOT SMOKING!


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