Why is our system so corrupt?

Why is our system so corrupt?

Well we have our political pyramid system where people, most with good intentions, get involved in our political system in hope making a difference and making things right or fair to all. But it is the corruption that already exists that keep the true of heart from ever getting their chance to try and set things straight.

Our politicians all have to fund their own campaigns with their own money or donations. This is where it starts to go wrong from the foundation up, yes personal support from the public is ok but when huge corporations with deep pockets get involved, agendas and deals are made. Politicians higher up the political pyramid rally and gather followers who are willing to support them in their promises made to corporations for funding. The ones who enter politics and stay to their true heart of changing the system to be fair for all never get very far in their careers and are ridiculed and black listed publicly by the corrupt system already in place.

These large corporations not only offer funds to our political candidates but also offer large revenues to non-profit organizations like “The Lung Association” and the “Heart and Stroke Foundation” the “Cancer Society” and a number of other non-profit organizations who lobby then for the agenda of these large money corporations to be sure to receive more funds from them. Then the unsuspecting public listen thinking these organization are not bias in their motives and propaganda and lies are spread and this is what is happening now with the Ecigarette industry and the truth is then questioned by most thinking that our government and these organizations are truly looking out for the publics best interests. I believe most of our so called non-profit organizations are designed and created by big corporations to be their lobbying voices, with names that sound like concern for the publics well being causing myth to the general public. Or are formed and started again by people hoping to make a difference but then corrupted by fame and influenced by large money donations.

Some pay scales of CEO in non-profit organizations:


“A Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Non-Profit Organization earns an average salary of C$96,382 per year. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Strategic Planning, Leadership, Operations Management, and Fundraising. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job.”


“Salary by Non-Profit Type and Size

Median pay for non-profit CEOs differs by charity type, as shown by numbers from the 2010 survey. The CEOs of education non-profits earned the most of all types of institutions, with a median salary of $272,645 per year. Charities focusing on culture and the arts had similarly high-paying CEO positions, with a median salary of $190,550. The organizational type with the lowest CEO pay was religion, where CEOs earned only $90,000 per year. Overall, CEOs earned more working at charities with larger budgets; for example, those working at large charities, which have expenses of more than $13.5 million, made $280,000 per year, while those at small charities, with expenses of less than $3.5 million per year, made a median salary of $95,481.”


$200,000 to $250,000:

Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada”

Money corrupts or better greed and power corrupt, hell I have to admit if I were offered a million dollars to stop writing this blog and keep my mouth shut I probably would LOL but that is not going to happen so I will just keep speaking out and hopefully some will see threw the BS we are fed. Yes the corruption runs deep in our so called society!

The vape or ecigarette industry has dipped into the pockets of the elite’s wealth in our society and they do not like giving up any, they are just good at taking not giving. So yes the Governments, Big Tobacco and Pharmaceutical industries will create the means that will crush the free industry of ecigarettes.

Many say that it has gone to far for them to crush the free market and that is a myth, or perhaps a hope of many vapers and vendors without any real foundation for belief. Why can these giants with the help of the world governments not crush this industry and take control?

Many will say we have the science and many medical professionals on our side to fight them. True but what does the medical society want? That ecigarettes/vaping remain available to the smokers in society as a cessation tool to eliminate deaths from tobacco related diseases. This will be accomplished even with laws such as “Article 20” in the EU in place and with similar laws spanning the globe. The medical society does not care how much we enjoy vaping as long as it remains available and effective to reduce smoking at a higher rate than conventional cessation products.

Many have told me it will cause a black market which the government does not want. Again this is true but lets look at the numbers 2% of vapers are cloud chasers, 2% of smokers are vapers and 20% of the population are smokers. So the so called black market would consist of 2% of 2% of 20% a number I am sure government find acceptable to deal with.

South Africa was the first to make all ejuice containing nicotine and devises to deliver such product medical regulation. By mid 2016 EU is going to pass similar law and believe me USA and Canada will follow. Many vendors are testing ejuice in labs now and setting up make shift labs where they mix their juice saying they are only preparing for the regulation that is coming, but they have little insight and do not realize that they are being deceived by Big Tobacco and government and by over regulating themselves only paves the way for the government to slap down over regulation laws. These vendors do not realize that if ejuice is classed as medical regulation they will have to hire chemists and lab techs to work in the lab to meet regulation standards and adding cost to their business that many will not be able to afford.

The truth is that they are going to do whatever it takes to achieve their true agenda which is total control of the ecigarette industry on a global scale and down the road will be just as costly as tobacco to enjoy. Most of us vapers have found it to be an enjoyable alternative to smoking without the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. We once again found the freedom to sit back and enjoy a good puff as we once did with cigarettes and we could see the light harmless cloud of vapor being expelled from our lungs and also keeping our hands busy as smoking cigarettes did. Yes vaping looks like smoking and no matter how safe we prove it to be not harming ourselves or others it will never be excepted by the anti/hate smokers movement within our society. Yes the pure appearance of vaping has doomed it, since the fanatical zealots of ANTZ, GLANTZ and ex-smokers themselves will never have enough acceptance within them to let this gift be in our society. Also with all the cost it creates to Big Tobacco and Pharma and lost tax revenues the public will be mislead to support the anti-vaping movement that exists in our society already.

What is the best way to get control of something? Well by using the same tactics that Hitler used to kill millions, through lies and misinformation to make the people be uncaring of the outcome of the few.

“”First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out–because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out–because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.”

This poetic speech, which Niemöller himself adapted many times, was originally penned by the German theologian and Lutheran pastor on January 6, 1946. Though he was initially a supporter of Hitler, he became an anti-Nazi activist and was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps from 1937 to 1945.”


So how do we fight against this? How can we win a game of war that the rules are constantly changing at the enemies desire? The answer is simple, to show that this is not about vaping but about our freedom of choice and to get the people to stand together against our oppressors. We need the support of non-vapers, we need the people to join together and stand for what little is left of our freedom in society today for we stand on the brink of marshal law.

Back to my orginal question; Why is our system so corrupt?

Answer; Because we the people allow it!

The Future of Vaping – Back to Cigarettes!!!

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