Control Of Ecigarette on a Global Scale

The vaping industry is worth billions of dollars worldwide and the government, pharmaceutical and tobacco industry know that it is and do not want vaping to remain a free industry or in the hands of the entrepreneur.

I am sure that Big tobacco, Pharma and the governments have met planning their agenda and that agenda is global control of the vaping/e-cigarette industry. An agenda that has been formulated by Big Tobacco and Pharma think tanks and then been presented behind closed doors with heads of government around the world, health ministers and tobacco regulation departments. Why do you think regulation keeps moving forward against vaping even though the science proves positive for vaping? Why does all regulation focus on crushing the vape industry as it now exists? Why has Big Tobacco (Imperial) bought the patent from Hon Lik the e-cigarette inventor? Why is Big Tobacco buying up so many e-cigarette companies?

Well the answer is simple, global control of the vaping industry, a plan already in motion and will be completed by the end of 2016 I am foretelling and we will be buying e-cigarettes from Big Tobacco and Pharma working hand in hand with our governments. Regulation such as Article 20 will be implemented not only in the EU but on a global scale in all countries with slight variations but the same effect. Just in the news is China now considering a ban on sales and production of e-cigarettes, China has already banned vaping. Where do most of our e-cigarette products come from? Answer China. Without China making and selling hardware to the free vape industry it will all but die, but fortunately we have Big Tobacco buying up most USA e-cigarette companies to fill the void.

Links To Above Events:

Yes Big Tobacco will pick-up the ball and be more than willing to supply all our vaping needs within standards set by regulation of Article 20 or whatever it is called in your country. By 2016 the EU will make all nicotine products and products that deliver nicotine medical regulation.

“The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced in 2013 that, from 2016, electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-containing products would be subject to medicines regulation, thus requiring manufacture to medicinal purity and delivery standards, and proactive controls on advertising. In addition, the European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) will, from mid-2016 at the latest, prohibit most advertising of unlicensed nicotine devices and require products to carry health warnings, meet as yet undefined purity and emissions standards, require data on nicotine uptake, limit nicotine content, and require suppliers to take full responsibility for quality and safety when used ‘under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions’.”

Now there is an agenda that is growing in momentum that I believe has been approved by our governments on a global scale and will be complete sometime in 2016!

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