Vapers: Cutting Their Own Throats By Laying the Pavingstones to OVER REGULATION

If you have read through my earlier post on this blog you will know what I believe and shown the proof that points to the real agenda which is full and total control of the vaper or e-cigarette industry on a global scale. Big Tobacco, Pharmaceutical and our governments are working together and will take total control of this industry. They are not looking to share it in anyway with the free enterprise market! They want control and will acquire that though their places of power, spread of propaganda using it to gain the trust of the masses and then over regulate this industry as medical and the small vendors will not be able to meet regulation standards that are set too high without any real justification or proof that they are necessary.

The spread of the propaganda is very important as it will desensitize the general public to the cries of the vapors who are trying to have the truth be told. They (Big Tobacco, Pharmaceutical and Government) have to spread their lies and propaganda to devalue the views of the public toward the people who vape or use Ecigarettes. ANTZ and others have created a hate smokers attitude within our society and by making the public see vapers as smokers puts them in the hated group, it is much the same tactics that Hitler used to create the holocaust of the Jews. The propaganda spreads the negative message to the uninformed public causing the public to view us as smokers trying to keep on smoking and not letting the public know the truth. The truth being that vaping is not smoking, the same as the difference of drinking grape juice and drinking grape wine, they may have one thing in common grapes but nothing else beyond that point.
The true agenda is total control of the vapor industry on a global scale, control by medical regulation and then allowing Pharmaceutical and Big Tobacco to run this industry for the governments, why wouldn’t government trust these huge corporations to handle the vaping industry since they have done a marvelous job for decades with tobacco and all three get their money’s worth. Just as the digital camera did to the film industry, vaping can and will do to the tobacco industry and is worth billions of dollars in revenues and taxes, hell the British Commonwealth owns huge shares in Imperial Tobacco one of the major umbrella companies in the tobacco industry.

Through medical regulation the vapor industry or ecigarette industry will only have major players with the funds able to meet standards set. Meaning the smaller ejuice manufacturers will not be able to fund lab quality facilities and fall to the way side and Pharma and Big Tobacco will become the ejuice suppliers. Small vape shops will remain open but only sell ejuice and products supplied by the new leaders in the industry being pharma and big tobacco and cost for products will rise and taxes of governments will be initiated. The small vape shop will become no more than a local tobacco shop and may totally die out also due to the fact that any local convenience store will be able to carry the same products. This is one scenario of the future of the vaping/ecigarette industry.

This brings me to another point called Article 20; & you can help fight Article 20

If regulation is passed with Article 20 in place the only ecigarettes that will be legal will be pen style ecigarettes that require cartridge type refills manufactured on assembly line production, less flavor, less fun, less effective for smokers to stay quit, but still more effective than conventional cessation products. These products will be more costly to make, the cartridges mainly but give the market a safe standard marker that small ejuice manufacturers will not be able to create. The ejuice market is already very competitive and difficult to establish a loyal following of buyers but the cartridge aspect will eliminate 90% of ejuice manufacturers due to cost to upgrade and also max VG will not work well in epen ecigarette style vaporizers.

Big Tobacco is already preparing for this regulation standard because they know that it is a plan created by them and already approved by government behind closed doors. Why do you think tobacco is buying up ecigarette companies; Big Tobacco Begins its Takeover of the E-Cigarette Market

Big Tobacco also has bought the patent from Hon Lik the inventor of the ecigarette:

In 2013, Imperial Tobacco acquired the intellectual property owned by Hon Lik through Dragonite for $US 75 million.


This is where I see the true agenda heading, to over regulation and total control of this multi-billion dollar industry. Ecigarettes will be regulated like tobacco and sold from store much like cigarettes are sold now, vendors who stay in business will buy ecigarettes from big tobacco and the government will tax them like tobacco. Also they will be available at all convenience stores and anywhere tobacco is sold. Most vendors will drop out of the game since many already sell their own ejuice mixes and will no longer be allowed to do so and will lose the market on hardware also not able to sell products with refillable tanks or drippers.

Now how are vendors cutting their own throats? Well by setting higher standards before regulation is even put in place by government. I know of many vendors testing their ejuice thinking this will appease government to leave the industry alone but in reality are just laying the paving stones to this over regulation agenda. The ejuice needs no testing as no one has gotten sick from proper use and should be regulated no more than common food grade products. By vapers believing and vendors testing due to propaganda claims of ejuice containing things like formaldehyde, heavy metals…etc only adds fuel to the big tobacco agenda of total control since they will turn around and say we do not even believe it is safe ourselves and medical regulation is a good idea in our opinion. I know vendors and vapers think that testing is a good idea due to the fact that they too are buying into some of the propaganda that is being spread about vaping and many are new to this vaping and have not researched the real truth. I have gone into many vape shops and been amazed at how little the actual vendor knows about the products he is selling and so little about the truth of how safe vaping really is. Most vapers themselves are very uninformed and are confused because they hear two stories and every time they open the newspaper or turn on the radio more propaganda is found and never really search out the truth that debunks all the false science and the government never retracts any of their lies.

So what I am saying is that no one should ask or do anything right now! Just keep selling their products and buyers keep buying without setting any higher standards because as we do it just makes it all that easier for them to come in with medical regulation and take CONTROL!

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