What does the future hold for Vape Industry, Acceptance or Over Regulation due to GREED?

I have written and done my best to explain and show the true agenda of our governments, big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies around the world. I have shown their motive for this agenda of total control of a market that has done well on it’s own and harmed no one and truly benefited many individuals myself being one. Vaping has only good and hope to offer to the smoker still caught in addiction and hope to the families that have lost loved ones to tobacco related diseases and hope to the ones who watch helplessly as loved ones continue to slowly kill themselves on cigarettes. Vaping offers redemption from smoking addiction if left unchecked as it spreads through our society now with positive science to back it as a harmless alternative to smoking tobacco. Not only harmless to the user but to the public as well at staggering percentages of 95 to 99% better that analog cigarettes, 80% more effective than conventional cessation products. Yet the extremists continue to spread unwarranted propaganda with no real evidence to back them up, our government health agencies and World Health Organization along with our politicians continue to ignore the real science and Big Tobacco and Pharmaceutical gather their Lobbyist to slander this gift called vaping, a gift that is changing and saving lives at this moment, yes a gift that could destroy the number one assassin of the known world! And what would the cost be to let this gift destroy this assassin? Only a loss of tax revenues to our governments and profits to two multi-billion dollar companies!

The extremists whale to public ear with what-ifs and think of the children but produce no real science that vaping or vapor harms anyone. The truth is that secondhand vapor is safer than the air we breathe, meaning that it produces no more pollutants than exhaling breath from your lungs. No matter what vaping looks like the science shows what the fact is “But researchers were shocked to see that the toxins in e-cigarette vapor were quite similar to the normal toxins found in regular room air. In fact, there was no major increase in toxins between normal air and ecig vapor.”


Now in reality our children are going to experiment due to peer pressure from friends and rebel at different levels and as parents we do our best to advise and keep them from making bad choices, after all that is the job of the parent. Trying to hide or limit access of something from our children is not the answer and in many cases only makes it seem more desirable to them as they turn of age and start to make their own choices, I believe it is more up to us as parents to be open and honest with them and encourage them to be their own person and not fall to peer pressure. The fact is that our children are going to make their own choices, some of which we will agree with and some we will not, but I know today that if my granddaughter chooses to experiment I only hope she will choose vaping over tobacco. As a good father I encouraged my daughter and her husband to try vaping over smoking and today neither of them have smoked cigarettes since Christmas 2014 and I feel much better for them and my granddaughter.

Now the extremists will debate that it will normalize smoking in society again which is total poppycock. In reality who cares really if someone blows out clouds of vapor that are harmless and odorless. The reasons we were taught to detest smoking are the facts that smoking is harmful to the user and others and it stunk everyone and everything up when done indoors, smoking kills vaping does not. There are actually more harmful chemicals in air fresheners and scented candles than in e-cigarette vapors and just because of the appearance and the fact that you can see the vapor does not make it harmful. I do not consume alcohol but am forced to watch people drink alcoholic beverages in restaurants and then leave in their vehicles endangering their own lives and lives of others and many times their children with them. There are many things in our society that need stricter regulation and law enforcement but vaping is not one of them!

The extremists should learn acceptance; “When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation—some fact of my life—unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in this world by mistake. Until I could accept things, I could not be at peace; unless I accept life completely on life’s terms, I cannot be happy. I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and in my attitudes.”  

As I said vaping is a gift and we should embrace that gift by being supportive and encouraging smokers to make the switch to vaping over tobacco, saving lives as we do and with the hope of eliminating tobacco addiction and use of tobacco from our society, to bring down that assassin forever. This talk of the appearance of vaping renormalizing smoking is again poppycock as the science and reality is that vaping will destroy and eliminate smoking, but that will cost billions of dollars in taxes lost, perhaps the end of Big Tobacco industry and Pharmaceutical looks to lose billions on useless cessation products! Yes the biggest obstacle that the vaping industry faces is the greed of our governments and greed of Big Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies. They care not what is truly important here and that being health and lives that will be saved.

Sadly our governments and World Health Organization (WHO) also use tobacco related deaths as a hazing of over population of the planet and yes use these statistics as a bar for regulation, in reality they want a percentage of us to die every year from smoking, and vaping shows great potential to change those statistics. Countries like China with over population problems have already banded vaping, yet continue to produce E-cigarette products to be exported by Big Tobacco and Pharmaceutical and collecting government taxes and payoffs I am sure!

WHO has just publicly announced they want E-cigarettes banned world wide:


What a load of BS with no facts to back her! Does anyone hold these people accountable for the lives they will cost?

Well yes, it is up to us the people to hold them accountable, to stand together as one voice and say enough! Not just the vaper and the smoker but everyone to take notice of the horrendous crime that these extremists and elected officials are committing and we must scream for justice, together is the only way this gift of vaping will have a real chance to destroy the assassin hiding within our society behind the greed of our governments!

What is important, the health and lives of the people or the greed and control of the money? Yes our governments and Big Tobacco and Pharmaceutical do not wish to share this industry, they wish to control the industry, then over regulate the industry, then raise consumer costs at retail and tax it to the maximum. This will hinder the spread of this gift vaping and also cost lives as smokers stay on cigarettes because it costs the same to vape.

Already governments are trying to hand this industry over to Tobacco and Pharmaceutical with over regulation using the screams of the extremists as reason and ignoring the real science of how harmless vaping is to the user and public.



As it looks the agenda is set and governments worldwide will over regulate this industry on propaganda and say in their opinion for the peoples best interests they will give control over to the very industry that has already killed billions of people over the years and I mean the tobacco industry. Pharmaceutical will get a big piece of the action as well and work hand in hand with the tobacco industry and the governments will sit back and reap the rewards of a corrupt decision, while small vape shop will close not being able to meet the requirements of the regulation set in place and people will continue to die from tobacco addition related diseases.

How can we prevent this?

The only way is to stand together and scream for proof of their propaganda. To stand together and spread the truth and science about vaping and in doing so gathering numbers to cry out against the lies. I appeal to all, not just vapers, not just smokers, but everyone to get involved so by numbers we can remind our government that they are elected officials by us and their not for the greed of money but an elected voice of the people!

Please everyone get involved and save lives! Share my blog on your social media channels, join me in this endeavor for the right reason and help justice to prevail. Spread the truth, cry out for proof and by sheer numbers we can win for the benefit of us all!

Vaping (Electronic Cigarette Use) the TRUTH by Kelly Forbes BScN RN



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