Motive for Control & Gathering Information by using Vapers

First off lets look at the big picture, ecigarettes or vaping was created by one man and not by a pharmaceutical company:

In 1963, Herbert Gilbert patented “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. In his patent Gilbert described how his device worked, by “replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air.” Gilbert’s device involved no nicotine, smokers of Gilbert’s device enjoyed flavored steam. Attempts to commercialize Gilbert’s invention failed and his product fell into obscurity. However, it deserves a mention as the earliest patent for an electronic cigarette. Better known is the invention of Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, who patented the first nicotine based electronic cigarette in 2003. The following year, Hon Lik was the first person to manufacture and sell such a product, first in the Chinese market and then internationally.

This technology has been sweeping the world and mainly smokers have been picking this new technology up at alarming rates to the surprise of the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical and governments around the globe. As vaping sweeps the open market and smokers turn to this technology being marketed as a “smoking alternative” as it should stay, big tobacco, pharmaceutical companies and government are feeling a bit of a pinch in their pocketbooks, but also see the potential and billions of dollars in profits to be made off this new technology.

I myself was told about vaping and bought a starter kit and did not even finish the open pack of cigarettes I had and immediately stopped smoking conventional tobacco products that had been costing me over $500 dollars a month. Then within a month had convinced my roommate, some friends and some family members to try vaping with the same result and other reducing their tobacco habit to half or less. Now let’s do some simple math to show the effect and how this creates the pinch in revenues for the organizations I have listed above:

  1. Government; Every pack of cigarettes is about two thirds tax cost in Canada. So if a pack of cigarettes cost $15 retail $10 is tax and $5 goes to the store and tobacco company.

Here is a link to taxes on tobacco: Now the federal and provincial government estimate and use these figures in setting up their annual budget plans. They also look at the fact that smokers are declining at a rate of 3%-10% a year using conventional cessation methods on the market today and also collect taxes off the sale of these products as well.


Then out of nowhere it seems a product enters the free market as a smoking alternative not created by pharmaceutical or big tobacco and smokers that use this technology are dropping tobacco at an alarming rate of 17%-21% and this is really throwing a wrench so to speak into their budget plan, even though in my opinion tobacco taxes should never have been figured into the budget plan in the first place. Tobacco taxes should have been set aside for research and medical funding as required, a nest egg or reserve to help eliminate smoking dependency.

  1. Big Tobacco;

Big tobacco companies have seen and also prepared for the continued decline in their market and fought to keep people smoking in numerous ways and side stepping regulation where they can, but again did not see this new technology as a threat right away. Tobacco companies have bought into the vaping industry, they now own Blu one of America’s number one ecigarette company and also Vuse was recently purchased. Why? Paving the way to have a corner in the market and then hoping to lobby government for control of the market. After all the government has worked hand in hand with big tobacco for years so why wouldn’t they trust big tobacco to manage this market for them as well. Here is one link to big tobacco buying in to vaping industry: Cigarette maker Altria Group Inc. agreed to buy Green Smoke Inc. for about $110 million in cash, adding to a growing trend of big tobacco companies jumping into the nascent e-cigarette market. Green Smoke, founded in 2008, has operations in the U.S. and Israel and has sold e-cigarette products since 2009, mostly in the U.S. Its revenue last year was about $40 million, just a tiny fraction of Altria’s $24.5 billion in 2013 revenue. The deal, which also includes up to $20 million in incentive payments, contains provisions to retain key management infrastructure and talent. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter

  1. Pharmaceutical companies;

Pharma is also feeling the pinch due to the fact that people using this vaping technology are not buying their cessation products or drugs (Champix, Zyban…etc.) and side stepping that cost. So pharma lobbies the government for control of the Ejuice manufacturing and insist that it be medical regulation. The ejuice is the main factor in this industry, because without ejuice containing nicotine the whole industry falls apart as we can see back in 1963 with Herbert Gilbert’s attempt to patent and sell the same technology. Again the pharma industry know the worth of this technology and is not about to miss out on the win fall! Well you may think that all of this would create a conflict of interest between big tobacco and pharma, but in reality they already work together, where do you think pharma acquires the nicotine needed for conventional cessation products, yes nicotine comes from tobacco. So the two big companies work together, gathering their lobbyists and creating propaganda to make the existing market seem questionable in the eyes of the public and hinder the growth of the vaping market. In reality I believe that the agenda was already set before the propaganda even started and meetings between head of government and big money had already been done and a plan was formed to prepare for the opposition that they knew they would face as they setup the way to over regulate and take control of this multi-billion dollar industry. The spread of the propaganda was and is funded mainly by pharma and big tobacco and then supported by government even though they know it is all lies and has no scientific proof to back it. Yes some extreme science studies are created to see what they can produce to create question in the general public and keep the eye off the true agenda they pursue, that being control. The talk of the youth picking up, long term health issues, appearance, formaldehyde… etc are all smoke to keep vapers and the general public from seeing the true agenda. The agenda to regulate and take control of a market created by one man, a market that in reality needs no more regulation than a bottle of ketchup we buy off the shelf at the grocery store. To steal an industry from the free market and make it their own and reap all the wealth from it for themselves. These are not in any way a medical devise, designed and created by a man for the enjoyment of smoking without all the harm of smoking tobacco. What has happened to Hon Lik and his venture; The future looked bright for Hon Lik, as he stood to make millions from his brilliant idea, but then something happened… – See more at:

So how do these big companies gather information about an industry they only have limited knowledge about? Well the best way to get good information is to go right to the source, yes the vapers themselves. How? By setting up forums for discussion and hiring trolls and shills to join and infiltrate existing forums where vapers discuss and try to help people new to vaping.

Think about it, do you really know who you are talking to, just another member but who is that member and are they even really vapers. Also these huge companies (big tobacco and pharma) invest millions of dollars in research, development and payoffs each year and if you do not believe this I consider you quiet gullible. These corporate giants work in what I call a grey industry and their agenda is to get new products and keep old products on the market and work hand in hand with the governments. Just do a little research and you will see that the British Common Wealth owns most of Imperial Tobacco Co, here are a couple links that helps explain what I mean by Big Tobacco –

So yes I do believe that some of our forums are set up directly by the people we are battling with over regulation. They set up these forums and sit in the seats of administration to protect their trolls and shills as they debate policy about the industry and gather information to help in the real debate with government and fueling their lobbyists with information to bring controversy in the public eye. Spreading propaganda to the public but also learning from vapers on the forums how it will be discredited. Also spreading propaganda and untruth to vapers that do not know any better about laws and encouraging them to follow regulation that is not regulation, but by vapers agreeing to and following regulations not in place hurts the vaping agenda because then the government and general public think we agree with the regulation and it is easier to be put in place.

So be careful when online and debating in the forums of what you reveal and do not trust openly unless you really know who you are talking to and yes be wary of administrators as well they too can be trolls or receiving payoffs to protect the enemies agenda.

Here is a response I got on ECF forum for a link I posted about an article in the National Post, make note of the MLA’s last comment; “He even suggested one day we’ll get a prescription from our doctor to get e-cig stuff from the pharmacist. Geezus.” As I said earlier I believe their agenda is already planned and they really do not care what we say or the science. They have abused and used their elected place of power and are planning to just seize control of this industry through regulation by abusing our constitutional rights!!! It is all about the money and nothing else!!!

Quote Originally Posted by Ilikecoffee View Post

Wish my MLA would read this. His response to my letter regarding BC’s forthcoming changes to the Tobacco Act were to claim that a) most vapers do it recreationally, as if t’s not really used by smokers to quit, b) use by youth is increasing. I asked him to provide proof to back either of these claims up, and he has stopped responding. (Shane Simpson is the MLA btw). He even suggested one day we’ll get a prescription from our doctor to get e-cig stuff from the pharmacist. Geezus.

Big Pharma is doing a bang up job of convincing MLAs, MPPs and City Councils that there are many ghosts to worry about, re vaping.

– M

Here is a link to the National Posts article this fellow was referring to;

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