The Agenda, is our government really watching out for our best interests?!

In todays society we see many controversies within our modern society and it brings questions to mind of the integrity of our governments and are they truly watching out for our best interests? All we seem to see these days are more taxes and growing existing taxes and a World Bank that bully and control our government through loans the same as the bank controls us as individuals. Yes our society is setup now on credit and taxes and we as individuals are allowed to have some cash that we funnel right back to the government and the banks. We live in a myth that we have control through the vote and are told that our government is watching out for our best interests. But are they?

Which brings me to the point of my blog, a controversy that is sweeping the globe about the number one preventable death cause of the world and the most effective solution ever to be discovered to reduce these deaths dramatically in a short period of time if truly handled properly. The problem is it is worth billions of dollars in retail revenues and loss of tax revenue dollars and at the moment is sweeping across the free market and has already been picked up by millions of users that attest to the effectiveness of this technology over the past ten or twelve years. Also there have been huge amounts of scientific studies that prove this technology to be effective and 95% safer than conventional technology that already exists. This new technology has already saved hundreds of thousands of lives but now has reached opposition by governments and Big corporate money around the world as it has put a dent in the pocket books of these corporate giants and governments through lost tax revenue.

As the digital camera technology changed the film industry this new technology is sweeping the globe changing the tobacco and pharmaceutical industry with about 20% success rate of smokers quitting tobacco products without the aid of traditional smoking cessation products. Yes not just one but two multi-billion dollar industries and they are not happy about this technology not being in their control! Yes the key word here is CONTROL sadly! Not about health, children, appearance or the greater good, but CONTROL of an industry and yes the billions of dollars it will generate on the open market as smokers pick up on the new technology and find freedom from tobacco.

How many of you truly believe that the greater good is what matters and health and life are really what is important? How many of you are trapped with a tobacco addiction or have a loved one that is hooked on tobacco? How many of you have lost loved ones to tobacco related disease? How many of you have tried over and over to quit smoking and failed using conventional cessation products?

Do you want to know the truth about this new technology?

Well here is a start:

So what is actually happening?

Well the big money corporations have gathered together their lobbyists and funded the spread of propaganda that has no scientific proof and is all hearsay. This propaganda is widely and effectively spread through the funding of pharmaceutical and big tobacco and then backed by governments as they continue to ignore the cries of the vaping industry as they point out the true science. I am sure that government officials and agencies are receiving payoffs from big tobacco and pharmaceutical to stand behind the propaganda being spread to hinder the growth of this wonderful technology until they can regulate and seize full control of the vaping industry in my opinion. The Canadian government agency of Health Canada has not only ignored the true scientific studies presented to them but gone as far as to remove the law that was and is supposed to still be in place for the regulation of products containing nicotine, I am referring to schedule F which you can only find and read here now at this link that I know of since it has been remove from the Canadian government site, but here is how schedule F read:

Schedule F is the schedule in the Canadian Food & Drug Regulations that details substances & ingredients that require a prescription to be purchased. It also lists (when applicable) the ways in which the applicable substance or ingredient is exempt from Schedule F.

The government page was recently moved; here now is the current link. But it has since been removed as I said above.

Food and Drug Regulations

Or you can copy & paste the link text at your leisure, below:,_c._870/page-502.html

Nicotine is exempt from Schedule F classification (as in it’s legal, you don’t need a prescription etc) – specifically, as follows. I’m quoting from the link above, in navy blue to distinguish it, and with bold emphasis on (d):

Nicotine and its salts, for human use, except

(a) in natural substances;

(b) in the form of a chewing gum containing 4 mg or less of nicotine per dosage unit;

(c) in the form of a transdermal patch with a delivery rate of 22 mg or less of nicotine per day;

(d) in a form to be administered orally by means of an inhalation device delivering 4 mg or less of nicotine per dosage unit; or

(e) in the form of a lozenge containing 4 mg or less of nicotine per dosage unit

Well when the vaping industry debated to congress and showed that there was nowhere near 4mg amounts delivered in a puff or a dose on an ecigarette and they were well within the existing law, then the law disappeared, schedule F was removed. Strange I think! Now we have no standing law on nicotine yet Health Canada says that they never approved any products with nicotine for sale in Canada without a prescription yet you can still buy conventional cessation products at any pharmacy without a prescription? Also Health Canada sends out cease and desist letters to vaper vendors regularly calling them drug-dealers and Health Canada also seizes shipments at the border containing nicotine without legal right but know that no one can afford to or will stand up to fight them.

The science is abundant proving how good this new technology is and yet Health Canada says there is no proof that exists. Lobbyist spread propaganda without scientific proof and then they try and hide and discredit the real scientific proof that does exist. The government condones the lobbyist actions and spread the lies and propaganda from their places of responsibility, truly a heinous crime since many people actually trust they are concerned with people’s health over money.  In reality this is as heinous a crime as the Holocaust spreading untrue propaganda and it will cost as many or more lives but no one is being held accountable for this crime!

No it is all about money and control! Peoples health are not a priority in this struggle at all. The issues of the children and appearance of vaping are all secondary issues to keep people from seeing the true agenda here and that is control of a multi-billion dollar industry. The vape industry is being snowed with fighting over trivial issues and kept from seeing the true motive, which is full and total control and sales of this industry. How the government will be encouraged and bribed to over regulate so that the small business will not be able to meet required standards.

Next I will address and tell how big tobacco and pharma are using vapers. How they aquire information and so spend their lies using the very people who are trying to oppose them, read Motive for Control & Gathering Information by using Vapers.

2 thoughts on “The Agenda, is our government really watching out for our best interests?!

  1. Being a true warrior requires one to know the opponent in the battle. Ultimately a battle as such dictates at all cost ones very life is at stake in the game. You fight to survive. On the other side for both sides… lose and die. Not all battles are immanent death however. Surrender is a viable course to take…..usually at the cost of freedom. Smokers have finally had a taste of that freedom because of modern technology and one mans experience in watching his father die from smoking. He persevered; he presented and he has helped millions regain hope. Unlike a game of monopoly whereby the initiator simply changes the rules to suit their favor ie: …………… ( Schedule F ) every dirty play has come into force to have the smoker surrender. Surrender in order they have slaves to buy into their real intent. Survival of the superior. Sound familiar?

    Fight on warrior. It is indeed a worthy battle.

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    1. Thanks Ray, this fight is not only for the smokers, but also the families of the smokers and the ones who have lost loved ones to tobacco death. I will continue and share the truth about this technology, the true agenda of the lobbyists, government and big corporations and how they are using us all to control and line their pockets with cash as lives are lost due to their greed and place of power. Their propaganda not only keeping people smoking but also exposes child to and others to secondhand smoke just to keep their pockets full of cash and taxes rolling in, a truth and a sadness, but a reality.

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